With the Miami Heat’s history of trading for disgruntled superstars combined with the deteriorating relationship between the Sacramento Kings and superstar big man DeMarcus Cousins, one could logically connect the dots on a Boogie-to-South-Beach scenario.

After Cousins was fined by his franchise for his latest tirade, directed at a Sacramento columnist (and captured on video), chatter has risen in NBA circles concerning a parting of ways between the Kings and Cousins, who is averaging career highs in points (28.3) and 3-point shooting (36%) this season.

ESPN’s Amin Elhassan named Miami as a potential suitor.

Elhassan, the former governor of Heat Island, did list Boston as a more likely destination considering their wealth of young players and picks, and also Denver. To a lesser extent, he mentioned both the Heat and Spurs because of their history with “rehabilitating guys.”

However the NBA insider did question whether Miami or San Antonio has enough to entice the Kings. For Miami, it’s highly unlikely they could even think about acquiring him before the in-season trade deadline as they aren’t able to part with their first-rounder this year. But they could strike a deal for Boogie or someone else on draft night, essentially selecting a player for a trade partner.

Keep an eye on the Cousins situation in Sacramento because while he has his warts he unquestionably offers the best combination of talent and availability across the NBA market.

Pat Riley could certainly be targeting him.