Our favorite Irish football analyst thinks the Miami Dolphins should let Jarvis Landry walk when he becomes a free agent after next season if he’s going to require a contract in the neighborhood of $50 to $60 million, as Omar Kelly has suggested could be the case.

It’s highly likely Landry and his agent will look to restructure his deal (four years, $3.5 million, which ends after the 2017 season) in the offseason after posting very respectable numbers through nearly three seasons of NFL action.

“The reason Jarvis Landry gets talked up, part of the reason is because he went to school with Odell Beckham so they always throw him in the graphics with Odell Beckham,” Fahey said on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “The main reason he gets talked about is because of the number of catches he has but you have to understand how those catches came about. When Joe Philbin was running the offense, the whole offense was designed to run through Jarvis Landry, which is fine but it means he was getting schemed open all the time, it mens the receptions he was getting he really didn’t have to work for.

“If you want to pay a top receiver, he has to either run great routes so he’s always open or he has to win at the catch point, that would be offering your quarterback a greater margin for error and Landry doesn’t do that. If you stack him up against the best wide receivers in the league he doesn’t look like any of them and doesn’t play like any of them. Really it’s all about forcing the ball to him and if I was the Dolphins I would let him walk and just play Leonte Carroo if Caroo is ready or look for someone else.”

Though these views won’t be popular in South Florida, I tend to agree.

Great slot guys are much easier to find than those game-breaking aliens who can bust the top off a defense and inflict fear by mere presence. Players like Odell Beckham, Julio Jones, A.J Green, Demaryius Thomas and so forth. He should not be paid similarly to those guys.

Jarvis is an excellent possession receiver and plays the game with a ton of heart but doesn’t scare anyone because of his limited size and speed. He can’t be the best playmaker on your offense if you expect your offense to be exceptional.

Advanced metrics are mixed on Landry, with Pro Football Focus ranking him as the sixth best wideout this year while Football Outsiders grades places him at 27th. I like Landry a lot and want him to stay a Dolphin for a long time but if he’s asking for elite wideout money, goodbye Jarvis.

I’m all for retaining superstars at whatever cost necessary for the most part. But when you start giving superstar money to players clearly a level or two below that, that’s when you start to slide into salary cap hell.