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Brian Papa, an entertaining Tweeter (@AdamSmoot) and Slice Miami writer, dynamic designer, and former host at WQAM, joined the second episode of the Be the Ball Podcast with Josh Baumgard (subscribe here).

Topics ranged from being a new dad, the Miami Dolphins’ playoff chances, why classic uniforms are better, trading Ryan Tannehill, and an ex-girlfriend who lactated on command.


Being a dad (1:30): Reflecting on an interview with porn star Mia Khalifa

Are most good NFL teams lucky? (4:00): How much luck factors in with NFL success

The Dolphins are a playoff team to be feared (10:00): It’s all about perspective

Ryan Tannehill’s ranking among NFL QBs (16:15): Brian would take Ryan Tannehill over Dak Prescott

Tannehill’s future (28:30): Brian would trade him

Baby talk (39:40): Freezing breast milk and how he dated a girl who used to spontaneously lactate

Sports uniforms (42:25): Why do throwback uniforms look better than today’s version?

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