A man in a Miami Hurricanes jersey punched a one-legged man wearing a West Virginia jersey last night at the Russell Athletic Bowl amid a heated discussion in the bathroom that involved a threat of intense urination.

You can overhear the WVU fan telling the Miami fan, “I’m gonna take a piss, get in line like everybody else,” and to “back the fuck up right now.”

When the WVU fan threatened to piss all over the Miami fan — “I’ll piss all over you, motherfucker” — is when things got physical, with the Miami fan throwing a hook before ducking out of the bathroom.

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We’re not gonna take sides here because there’s not enough context but the sequence went very similar to the game itself. West Virginia came out strong early but Miami delivered a few haymakers in the second quarter, with the Mountaineers’ offense failing to get things going the rest of the way.

Oh and there was a “I used to f*ck guys like you in prison!” at the end thrown in by the West Virginia gentleman.

At least this scrap wasn’t at Publix.

Also why was this kid wearing a Dolphins jersey?

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