Omar Kelly can add another individual to his list of enemies, this one in the form of Miami Dolphins rookie Jakeem Grant, a receiver who has played a decent amount this season as a return man.

“He’s not even on my radar and I’m not being disrespectful but I don’t talk to people who aren’t even relevant,” Kelly said on the Big O Show yesterday. “I just have that rule so I have no interest in talking to Jakeem Grant. I mean truthfully speaking, he’s on this roster because he’s somebody’s draft pick.”

Omar has been VERY critical of the rookie in the past on Twitter.

So much so, Jakeem fired back at Kelly before deleting the following tweet.

“Here’s my issue with Jakeem Grant,” Kelly went on. “One, he’s tiny. He cannot help you in the run game. Two, he can’t run a full route tree as an NFL receiver. That is a major problem. He can’t even give you a 9 route. Three, his hands are suspect — not questionable. Suspect. I’ve watched it consistently from Training Camp to now.

“If you can’t play receiver, we don’t trust you to be a punt returner, you can’t contribute on special teams in any other aspect other than the fact that you’re a returner. You’re telling me he’s on the roster to be a kickoff returner?”

While Kelly may not be too far off in his analysis of the rookie, who has four fumbles on the season, he’s a rookie! Give the kid who may look like Kevin Hart a chance to develop. He only logged 19 snaps as a wideout this season. We didn’t see much from Jay Ajayi last year and he just had the best season for a running back this year.

Jakeem, we have your back.

Meanwhile, the Grant tweet wasn’t the first time a Dolphins player lashed out at Kelly on Twitter this season.

Omar has said some wild stuff in the past, like blaming Ryan Tannehill for the release of three struggling offensive linemen in Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner, and Jamil Douglas, and how Kiko Alonso can neutralize All-Pro Le’Veon Bell this Sunday.

That take is gonna freeze over in a hurry.