By now we all know Cameron Wake is a freak of nature, a bundle of quick-twitch muscle who just posted an 11.5-sack season despite coming off a ruptured achilles at the age of 34.

With 81.5 sacks and counting amid his eight years with the Miami Dolphins, he also consistently finishes towards the top of the league annually in pressures. He’s been among the most feared quarterback killers for the past decade.

Wake was/is so imposing, he drew glowing praise today from Dolphins legend Jason Taylor, who is currently under Hall of Fame consideration.

All of this despite going undrafted out of Penn State. Despite having to make his mark in the CFL, where he was sleeping on the floor and had no internet or TV in his apartment.

If we take a look at a college scouting report we came across from CBS Sports, it’s downright comical to see how far he’s come.

My favorite parts are “he seems to prefer taking the route of least resistance to the quarterback” and “does not have any pass rush moves of note” along with how “he loses leverage.”

Today, Wake is the leverage king, exploding out of his four-point stance like a cheetah, while bending, twisting, and exploding on a direct path towards some unlucky quarterback, leaving opposing offensive tackles in ruins.

The Cameron Wake story needs a movie.

Note: He went by Derek then.