Aaron Rodgers, the best quarterback on the planet, appears to have given Stugotz an epic shoutout yesterday while carving up the Giants’ secondary in the opening round of the NFL Playoffs.

In the closing seconds of the third quarter, Rodgers sounded like he incorporated “Stugotz” into his cadence, yes Stugotz, the nickname of America’s premier hot takes spewer.

He even hikes the ball ON “Stugotz.”

Why would Stugotz’s name (we think) come out of this Football God’s mouth? It dates back to Rodgers’ interview on the Dan Le Batard Show from early December.

A snippet:

Stugotz: “We love you and we think you love the show and we don’t want to ruin this rosy relationship but I am wondering if one game you can scream this out — one of two things: If you could just say “Stugotzzz, Stugotzzz” or “Lobosss, Lobosss.” Do you think you can do that, like weave that into your cadences?

Rodgers: “Lobos or Stugotz? Ya I can do that…. Lobos might be a little easier than that first one there.”

You can here the audio down below.

Lobos is the name of Greg Cote’s fantasy team but apparently Rodgers went with the Gotz.

Considering the play ended in an incompletion, A-Rodge may want to retire the phrase. Yet he did have a hell of a game, tossing four touchdowns amid a 38-13 blowout.

Photo via Mike Morbeck