On today’s edition of “Who Says No?” is a three-team trade I concocted designed to set the Miami Heat up with a glistening future, one oozing with cash and first round picks in a draft swelling with star potential.

The Heat gets expiring contracts in Jeff Green (Magic), Andrew Bogut (Mavs) and Deron Williams (Mavs). The meat of the deal, however, would be receiving Dallas’ unprotected 2017 first round pick, in addition to Orlando’s unprotected first round pick this year and a Top 10 protected first-rounder in 2019.

The Mavericks get the intriguing big man they flirted with during Free Agency last summer in Hassan Whiteside and a young point guard in Elfrid Payton.

The Magic gets Goran Dragic (ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported interest last week) and Josh McRoberts, the latter being added value for the Heat considering his bones are comprised of baking powder.

Why it helps the Heat

I’ll gladly take three first-rounders, including two potential lottery picks this June, for Whiteside and Dragic. I love Dragic but I don’t see a team contending with him as the first or even second option. I’ve soured on Whiteside and it’s time to cash out.

If this trade were to come to fruition, the Heat would have three massive darts to throw at landing a franchise player in the draft. It’d be difficult not to hit on at least one.

This move wipes the bulk of their salary cap clean, which would give them even more flexibility after Bosh’s cap figure gets removed before Free Agency as expected. Pat Riley would be free to rebuild via a number of ways, capable of pursuing elite free agents while also drafting a cornerstone or two. He could also choose to leverage some or all of the picks for a proven star, which would certainly be Riley-esque.

Why it helps the Mavericks

Considering the Mavs showed a ton of interest in Whiteside last summer it’s still likely they view him the same today. Mark Cuban shows no signs of being someone with the type of patience to rebuild through the draft while enduring a string of losing seasons.

A lineup featuring Whiteside, Dirk Nowitzki, Wes Matthews, and Harrison Barnes is competitive on paper and they’d have the opportunity to sign a productive point guard in free agency, with players like Kyle Lowry, Jeff Teague, and George Hill available.

Why it helps the Magic

Orlando already has a plethora of young talent but is in dire need of an experienced, All-Star caliber facilitator to glue it all together. Dragic is an exceptional fit and could easily be enough to push them into the playoffs this year in a weak Eastern Conference.

With Dragic it’s also important to realize the value his contract brings, averaging around $17 million a year. It’s going to look sweeter and sweeter as the cap soars.

So who says no?