Dan Le Batard called out the spoiled and ultra-defensive Boston sports fan base for being humorless during the local hour and national hours of his radio show on Tuesday, while describing Boston sports radio hosts as “awful” and “evil.”

“I have found that fan base to be — and I’m speaking in generalities here — hugely humorless,” Le Batard said, “and so serious about their teams that it prevents them from seeing humor.”

It all started from a sarcastic tweet comparing the Pats and Falcons wideouts, the former being short and white while the latter is tall and black.

Pats fans were less than enthused about the tweet and Le Batard’s comments about the pale and uptight Bostonians.

“They don’t get the sarcasm,” Le Batard said. “… and their radio show hosts are dopes. I’m always fighting with the people in that fan base because they feel persecuted, right? They haven’t actually cheated. They don’t actually have a murderer who was a tight end. All those things happen to them through injustice.

“It’s a fairly amazing thing, right? I’m guessing they don’t think that they’ve cheated. They think they’re persecuted at every turn. I think that they’ve done a funny rationalization where they think that because they’ve won so much everyone is out to get them and have invented all of these things that are cheating, that are outside the rules that they’ve been punished for by their league. I do believe they’ve created a delusion where they just believe they’ve been wronged at every turn.”



As the show continued, Le Batard’s Boston rants ramped up so this will continue in bullet form:

  • Le Batard doubled down on his war against Boston radio. “I don’t mind fighting Boston because the Boston radio hosts are awful. Awful. Awful. Awful.”
  • “Are we on in Boston? How dumb are you people? What are your radio broadcasters doing to incite you? Are they as stupid as you are?… I do not care if we lose this affiliate-ship. The people in that market broadcasting on their sports radio stations are somewhere between awful and evil…. Bozos.”
  • Le Batard is now urging ESPN to remove their show from Boston airwaves, away from the “stupid” people “with the persecution complex.”