Dwyane Wade ripped his Chicago Bulls teammates last night, which rubbed Stugotz the wrong way as the Dan Le Batard show host spewed a sweltering take that included threatening the three-time Miami Heat champion.

“You know what, who the hell is Dwyane Wade?” Stugotz asked during the local hour of Thursday’s show. “I mean honestly. The guy is 35 years old, limping around. He thought this was gonna work out better. He actually thought a team with him, Rondo, and Robin Lopez was gonna be a winning combination?

“Dwyane Wade two or three years ago actually could’ve said this but Dwyane Wade now? Shut your mouth. You made your decision. You decided to go to Chicago. It was a bad decision. We all tried to tell you it was a bad decision. You wanted to move forward with it anyway and now halfway through the season you’re already complaining and plotting your way to Cleveland.”

And if Wade goes to Cleveland? Well, Stugotz AIN’T HAVING IT.

“And by the way I’m telling you right now, if you go to Cleveland, there’s no statue here, there’s no jersey retirement here. The fan base that once loved you no longer will and I will make sure all of those things happen or don’t happen for you. I will make sure of it. I will. I will work night and day to make sure that that jersey never gets lifted to the rafters and I will work all day, all night to make sure they never put a statue in front of that arena.”

These two actually have a history as Stugotz took down Wade in the Final Four of our inaugural Miami Sports Bracket last year en route to the championship.

You can listen to the rant below but you may want to keep the kids out of the room and throw on a hazmat suit. This take is scorching.