In a baffling but bold move to punish his $22 million center for lack of effort, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has taken away Hassan Whiteside’s Playstation 4 privileges, according to a source close to the situation.

The swift punishment occurred moments after the Heat’s 116-107 loss to the Magic Monday night, a game in which Whiteside was benched for lack of hustle just minutes into the first quarter.

Spo met with Hassan after the team’s second consecutive loss, per the source, and decided to utilize a a previously secret clause in Whiteside’s contract which allows the team to punish Whiteside via a variety of ways designed to keep their $98 million man in line.

Besides the Heat possessing the ability to remove his Playstation privileges (executed by taking all of Whiteside’s controllers and freezing his Playstation Plus account) other punishment clauses include the following, ranging from least to most severe:

  • 15-minute timeout
  • One potch delivered by Coach Spo to Whiteside’s bare ass
  • No candy for a week
  • No Wi-Fi at the house or arena
  • Removal of Whiteside’s beloved 1500-gallon fish tank

Thus far, the source indicates the only punishment clauses executed have been the Playstation ban and several timeouts during practice. Whiteside confirmed the news after Tuesday’s practice.

“It’s whatever, man,” Whiteside said. “I love my PS4 — and don’t tell Spo this — but I got an Xbox One as a backup. So Im gonna still get my 2K rating up [giggles]. I definitely don’t like the Xbox controller as much as the PS4 one though so it still kinda sucks.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Whiteside, his coach was walking by as he made these remarks and the end result wasn’t pretty. Spo publicly banished his talented but enigmatic center to the corner for a 15-minute timeout.

With his gaze locked on the floor, Whiteside reluctantly shuffled toward a quiet corner of the practice gym, mumbling expletives under his breath.

“Keep it up and no candy for a fucking month,” Spoelstra bellowed. “Try me.”