Brock Osweiler was traded yesterday to the Cleveland Browns but the only way they’d take that mud for a quarterback owed $16 million guaranteed next season was if the Houston Texans sweetened the deal with a second-round pick.

Again, Houston traded a second-round pick just to get rid of Football Outsiders’ 33rd ranked quarterback last season. (They also traded a sixth rounder and will receive a fourth-rounder.)

Well, some time ago — January 3, 2016, to be exact — Orlando Alzugaray (Big O) once said, “anyone with a brain and logic” would take Osweiler over Ryan Tannehill. Props to Joe Rose Show exec producer Danny Rabinowitz for bringing this beautiful take back into the light.

Quick: Someone get @OldTakesExposed on the line!

O’s Osweiler takes go WAY back.

O appears to have come to solace with the cold take, while adding we’ve forgotten about his endorsements of Joe Flacco and Derek Carr. However, I’m not sure I’d trade Tannehill for either of them right now. Flacco is 32 and Carr can be wildly erratic.

While Tannehill wasn’t exactly lights-out last season before suffering a season-ending knee injury against the Cardinals in Week 14 — he ranked 25th among all quarterbacks by Football Outsiders and 15th by Pro Football Focus — he appeared to finally be coming into his own within Adam Gase’s offense, looking like a different player in the second half of the season.

Pre-Snap Reads’ Cian Fahey, a regular on the Dan Le Batard Show, considers Tannehill a notch below the NFL’s elite passers.

Osweiler flashed potential during eight games with the Denver Broncos in 2015 but much of his “success” could’ve been attributed to a Super Bowl-caliber roster around him.

I’m sure Big O wasn’t alone in his admiration for Osweiler before his disastrous year in Houston, but it’s fun to play Captain Hindsight and unearth steaming turd takes like these.