The Miami Sports Media Bracket‘s first round is well underway, with the first batch of the round launching this morning with the Gotz and Cote regions.

Voting in the Rose and Hoch Regions start now with the entire Round of 32 ending at 9 p.m. Tuesday. The Sweet 16 will begin on Wednesday at 9 a.m.

For a full description of how the contestants were chosen and the rationale behind this year’s ultra-serious tournament, click here.

Time to vote.

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Hoch Region

(1) Marc Hochman vs. (8) Dan Le Batard

It would appear the No. 1 seeded Hochman is very very afraid of his opening round matchup. Despite making the Final Four among the media last year, Hoch is already setting himself up for failure against his former teammate.

Le Batard is looking to build on the momentum gained after eviscerating Michael Rapaport in the play-in game.

(4) Orlando “Big O” Alzugarary vs. Omar Kelly

Here’s an interesting matchup between two heavily opinionated personalities who each probably thinks he could take the reigns of the Miami Dolphins’ front office and lead them back to Super Bowl glory.

Among their more entertaining takes is Big O proclaiming Brock Osweiler is better than Ryan Tannehill and Omar Kelly — well, here are a few.

(3) Dave Hyde vs. (6) Mike Inglis

Here we have a longtime sportswriter of the Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald against the entertaining and homer voice of the Miami Heat.

(2) Linda Robertson vs. (7) Brendan Tobin

These two have both have impressive resumes.

Linda’s work has appeared in the annual The Best American Sports Writing at least four times, while Tobin once ate crow for incorrectly asserting Miami Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich wouldn’t hit 20 homers in a season.

Rose Region

(1) Joe Rose vs. (8) Ethan Skolnick

It’s the king of morning drive sports radio in Miami against the Heat insider and afternoon drive host who was penalized with his seeding for a terrible Heat take he made in the preseason.

(4) Ira Winderman vs. (5) Barry Jackson

Two of the longest-tenured sportswriters in South Florida, they’ve covered Miami sports for a combined 200 years, or so it seems.

Winderman & Jackson could easily be the name of a popular law firm.

(3) Manny Navarro vs. (6) Jason Jackson

Two notable voices in the Heat Media, one a writer for the Miami Herald and the other one of the most prominent faces on the Heat’s television broadcast. It. Is. Time…

(2) Joy Taylor vs. (7) Armando Salguero

Joy might’ve moved on to the national spotlight with Fox Sports 1 but she’s among the two chosen national media members (along with Jorge Sedano) who call Miami home.

Salguero is slotted with a No. 7 seed here because of his asinine take regarding Laremy Tunsil’s relationship with weed. He’s also one of Miko Grimes’ infamous “Triple As.” The committee figured this matchup would be a clean kill.