By now even the most casual NBA fans have witnessed the dunk of the Miami Heat’s season, a ferocious crusher unleashed by James Johnson in the fourth quarter of last night’s buzzer-beating win over the Detroit Pistons.

James Johnson isn’t merely a second-degree blackbelt with a diverse set of basketball skills, he’s also mastered the art of demolishing souls (check out Marcus Morris’ obituary). While we’re on the subject, here are seven different camera angles of Bloodsport’s euthanization of Steph Curry back in January.

But there were also so many entertaining elements surrounding this dunk. They weren’t nearly as emphatic, but these subtle secondary observations also provide us with immense joy.

Shall we rewind? But first, a dope shirt:


1. Morris’ face is level with Johnson’s Johnson

2. The exact moment Morris realized he was put on a poster

3. The moment the infertility kicked in

4. Johnson mouthing something that initially looked like it may be not safe for work but actually was dedicated to the sidelined Dion Waiters, referencing heart

“That was for Dion,” he told Jason Jackson of Fox Sports Sun. “He I knows I have a lot of that in there. I’ve got a lot of that in there, man.”

5. Goran Dragic, looking like he just saw someone squirt ketchup on ice cream

6. This woman in the stands paying homage to the nastiness she just witnessed

7. Courtside buddy, recognizing he’s in the presence of a killer

8. The general reaction of the Heat’s bench and nearby fans

9a. Specifically, Wayne Ellington needing a hug from Willie Reed, Luke Babbitt and Tyler Johnson dripping in fear, Okaro White stunned, and Udonis Haslem coming to terms with Johnson being badder than he is

9b. And courtside fans processing what just occurred

10. Marcus Morris’ soul departing his body.