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Alf Sidney, blogger and podcaster for Miami Heat Beat, joined the fifth episode of the Be the Ball Podcast with Josh Baumgard Thursday evening for a deep dive on all things Miami Heat basketball.

Among the topics discussed were whether Miami would rather face Boston or Cleveland in Round 1 and Free Agency whale hunting this summer with superstars like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, and Gordon Hayward out there.

Be sure to add Alf on Twitter @Alf954, as he’s a tremendous Miami Heat follow.


1:00 – The state of Heat Island.

5:00 – Reflecting on last year’s squad and what could’ve been.

6:38 – Would you rather take this year’s team or last year’s entering the postseason?

8:40 – Who would you want to play in Round 1: Boston or Cleveland?

14:30 – Choosing between Dion Waiters and James Johnson if it comes down to it this summer in Free Agency.

19:50 – Should Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin be No. 1 on Pat Riley’s whale list?

24:00 – The Carmelo Anthony reclamation project in Miami