Miami Dolphins fans may want to sharpen their pitchforks because The Big Lead’s Jason McIntyre pissed all over Ryan Tannehill in his recent column ranking every projected starting quarterback ahead of the NFL Draft, based on which one you’d want to start a franchise with.

Sliding in at the No. 21 slot is Tannehill, coming off a career year but trailing the likes of No. 18 Jameis Winston, No. 19 Carson Wentz, and No. 20 Tyrod Taylor.

He’s Blake Bortles with better accuracy, right?” McIntyre wrote. “Will tease you with something incredible, and then you go watch the Seattle or Tennessee or Baltimore tape and you vomit and wonder how they gave him a massive extension.”

While Tannehill coming in at No. 21 isn’t that egregious, considering it’s impossible to get a consensus of the league’s mid-tier quarterbacks, the Bortles line is going to enrage devout Tannehill supporters. And it should.

Bortles isn’t in the same realm of a passer. It’d be like saying, Logan is Suicide Squad with better writing — NOPE.

As you wonder how such a ridiculous thought could even enter one’s mind, McIntyre is a New Yorker and a Jets fan so that helps add context.

I’d probably place Tannehill a full tier ahead of where he has him — somewhere in the No. 12 – 15 range. He’s trending up and showed flashes of stardom in the second half of last season with merely adequate protection from his offensive line. I understand not everyone’s a Pro Football Focus fan but they had Tannehill ranked 15th and Bortles 28th last season.

Many of Tannehill’s “vomit” plays have come on the heels of unobstructed pressure up the middle, which makes things impossible for even the game’s most elite quarterbacks.

McIntyre may want to go dark on Twitter today because Dolphins Twitter is coming. If you’d like to share some constructive criticism, his handle is @jasonmcintyre.