Jeffrey Loria, hopefully soon-to-be former owner of the Miami Marlins, continues to not do a damn thing to shed the a-hole label that’s been plastered to his forehead for the better part of the last two decades.

In a lengthy interview with ESPN that largely centered on the aftermath of Jose Fernandez’s tragic passing, his stench could be detected through his typical self-absorbed and ignorant words.

Such as this ironic snippet.

The Marlins will be hosting the All-Star Game in July. What’s the excitement level on that?

Loria: “It’s quite an honor to be given that by Major League Baseball. Miami is the perfect place to have a festival like that, and we’re going to do it right. My philosophy on life is “Do it right, or don’t do it.” So we’re gonna do it right.”

I call BS on that philosophy.

Miami’s payroll the last five seasons? 29th, 29th, 30th, 28th, and 20th. And the only reason it has surged some this year is because Giancarlo Stanton’s massive deal is starting to take effect. And if they didn’t keep him, Loria probably would not be breathing today, having already sold off past superstars like Miguel Cabrera.

And then we have him talking about potentially becoming ambassador to France…

President Donald Trump reportedly is considering you to be his ambassador to France. Where does that stand?

“I used to see him in Yankee Stadium. We used to sit and talk about baseball.

It’s something I’m thinking about. It’s a great honor to have been asked by the president of the United States to do that. I’ve spent a good part of my adult life in France. I went as a junior and a senior in college, and I’ve been back and forth hundreds of times since. I love the country and the culture. It’s something I’m giving serious thought to. It is what it is. We’ll see what happens.”

Don’t you need diplomatic experience to be an ambassador?

“You just need to have some familiarity with the country and, I guess, a good business head on your shoulders and some degree of success in your life. You’re the representative of the president in that country, and you have to be a liaison with that country’s highest officials and explain what was done or what’s going to happen, promote American business and things like that. If I was going to promote anything, it would be baseball.”

And finally, his thoughts on coming across “as such a villain.”

From an outsider’s perspective, your affection for Jose Fernandez seems to reveal a different side of you. Does it bother you that you come across as such a villain in your public image?

“I don’t talk about it. Most people don’t know me. Most reporters don’t know me. They never make an effort to know me.”

What don’t they know that they should?

“Ask people like our scouts. I’m that way with my family: thoughtful, generous, caring, loving. But those words don’t sell newspapers. What sells newspapers is, “How can you shoot him down? What can you do to take a potshot at him?” But I’m immune to that now. I don’t care anymore.”

“Thoughtful, generous, caring, loving,”

I’m sure the Miami taxpayers you swindled, the season ticket-holders you sued, and the city of Montreal would agree with that description.

At least we helped get his cell phone number canceled.