There’s no proper way to describe tight end David Njoku other than freak.

By around this time next week, the former Miami Hurricanes big-play machine will have injected one lucky NFL franchise with obscene levels of athleticism found in only a select few prospects.

The first-round hopeful went through the tight end gauntlet this week on ESPN’s popular Sports Science series, which does an excellent job of visualizing an athlete’s physical ability through a variety of tests.

Among Njoku’s highlights: a 44.5-inch maximum vertical leap, a catch radius of about 3,600 cubic feet (better than Mike Evan’s), and near-15-MPH speed. He also cleared a high-jump bar set at six feet, four inches.

Their physical comparison test likens him to another former Miami Hurricane tight end in Jimmy Graham. Could Njoku continue his career in Miami with the Dolphins? ESPN’s Todd McShay did project him there in February.

Wherever David Njoku gets selected, expect his name to get called in the first round. Just pray to the football gods it’s not New England. I don’t want to be on the wrong side of a Brady-Gronk-Njoku partnership.