The Miami Dolphins will likely select David Njoku if he’s there at No. 22, according to Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel, keeping the former Miami Hurricanes tight end in Miami.

“I think if David Njoku is there at No. 22 — he in my mind is probably Top 20 talent — I think the Dolphins will select him based on what’s left on the board,” Kelly said on the Joe Rose Show this morning. “If David Njoku is higher than Forest Lamp, and I can’t remember if he is or if he isn’t on the Dolphins board, they’re gonna select David Njoku. That’s just the way that they work. They stack up their board and stick to their board.”

ESPN’s Todd McShay pegged Njoku to Miami as well in one of his 4,000 mock drafts.

While the team certainly has more pressing needs than offense with major holes at cornerback, linebacker, safety, and along the defensive line, I like that the Dolphins endorse the best-player-available approach, as Kelly alluded to in the interview.

The ideal scenario is to draft a great player while filling a pressing need, sure, but the reality is even the smartest NFL talent evaluators know the draft can be an arbitrary, luck-driven process. Utilizing the BPA process increases the margin for error and gives a team its best possible chance at adding good players.

Njoku specifically would inject a massive dose of game-breaking athleticism — check out his surreal Sports Science appearance — into Miami’s offense, giving Ryan Tannehill impact weapons all over the field if Njoku is able to translate to the next level. I’d love the pick.

Keep in mind that newly added tight end Julius Thomas is far from a sure thing and hasn’t looked anything like the player he was in Denver over the last two seasons with the Jaguars. Tight end could still be a serious need.

While Miami’s offense is ahead of their defense, it’s far from elite. Njoku has the raw ability to make it special, giving them more firepower as it seeks to make the playoffs in consecutive seasons.