Michael Rapaport’s next movie role should be a human-sized cockroach who terrorizes New York City because the “actor” and failing comedian just doesn’t know how to lay down when it comes to his feud with the Dan Le Batard Show.

He joined Bill Simmons’ podcast yesterday — does he have damaging pics of Bill? — and attempted to revive the beef that began in February when Le Batard questioned Magic Johnson’s credentials to run the Lakers, which led to Rapaport questioning Papi Le Batard’s credentials to be on an ESPN TV show. A somewhat entertaining shit storm ensued–until Rapaport initiated Bigot Mode.

The cussing clown came out firing f-bombs again yesterday as an uncomfortable Simmons listened to the stale takes while defending Le Batard (as Simmons and Le Batard are obvious buddies). Rapaport even took some shots at Le Batard Show co-host Stugotz, saying “he may or may not hate Italians.”

Simmons played defense throughout, saying Le Batard and his co-workers are “good dudes,” and seemed curious as to why this beef was still a thing.

“Ask that fat fuck what it is,” Rapaport said.

“Dan Le Batard is a wannabe Howard Stern. The show is weak. The takes are weak. Miami sports are weak.”

“I still feel awkward because I like all those guys,” Simmons responded. “I wish this would work out.”

The real reason why Rapaport won’t let the squabble die is clear: He’s a bottom-feeding, depressed Knicks fan who’s no longer being asked to come on ESPN to share his trashy hoops takes. He hasn’t been on since the initial feud with Le Batard but that won’t stop him from tweeting racist pics of Le Batard Show producer Roy Bellamy.

“The best part about it is because they work for ESPN and there’s bodies being thrown in the dumpster left and right at ESPN — they haven’t said shit since then,” he said. “The whole thing with me going on ESPN, I love doing it but it’s like going to ceramics class. I love doing it but it’s not my living. They haven’t been able to say shit because I think probably the people at ESPN were like don’t say anything back.”


Some may question why we even bother giving Rapaport more pub, but to not toss that cockroach into the light would be a wasted opportunity. You can listen to the filth below but you’re going to want to take a shower afterward.