The first Book of Spoisms was originally published on Page Q, a former sister website of WQAM, but considering CBS chose to burn all evidence of the site’s existence we decided to recreate it here while tacking on a healthy number of additions.

“This is going to be a process,” warned Erik Spoelstra back in November of 2010, coming on the heels of back-to-back losses for the first time in the Big Three Era.

The Miami Heat head coach would go on to repeat that word approximately 12,000 times over the last six-plus years, which included four finals appearances, two championships, and one devastating “coming home” letter.

It’s time to dive back into the precious Book of Spoisms and take a look back at Spo’s glorious word play over the years. The foundation for most Spoisms was laid during the first year of the LeBron Era.

Note Spoisms are listed  in alphabetical order. This post will continue to be updated as more Spoisms are spewed into the basketball universe. Tweet me @JoshBaumgard for any recommendations. 

Adapt or die

Ball will find energy

Embrace the grind/moment/process

Hay’s in the barn

All preparations have been made.

Don’t. Let. Go. Of. The. Rope.


Human condition

With the Celtics grasping a 3-2 lead in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals (from Yahoo Sports‘ Adrian Wojnarowski):

“Our focus is to fight any kind of noise from the outside, or any human condition,” Spoelstra said late on Tuesday night. The human condition is this: He’s begging his Heat stars to do something they didn’t do a year ago, when they lost a series lead, lost the momentum, lost the edge and lost their way going into a Game 6. Please, please, don’t collapse under the weight of our frailties again.”

LeBron expunged the human condition from his soul in Game 6 with a 45-point, 15-rebound masterpiece in Boston.


In a lather

“So we don’t want them to warmup? I like seeing our guys in a lather [of sweat]. As long as I see a lather and they’re ready to go, that’s the whole point.”

Spo probably has “fornicate” in his vocabulary as well.

Intellectually stimulated

Land the plane

Spoelstra’s job while coaching the Big Three:

He recognizes Riley has handed him a roster other coaches envy.

“My job is to land the plane,” Spoelstra said.

He is aware that many assume it’s on autopilot but contends “it’s never as easy as it seems.” He insists he doesn’t care “about my reputation out there” — and that he ranks positive assessments from coaching peers second only to those from Heat higher-ups.


Its dictionary definition states a maestro is “a great or distinguished figure in any sphere.”

Spoelstra has used this word in describing point guards Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo.

Natural order to competition


Spo describes noise as any distraction from the outside. This can entail the media, fans, as well as Miami spectators.

LeBron hasn’t had to worry about much noise on the sidelines in Cleveland.

One bite at a time

One of the freshest but strangest Spoisms, and from this past season.

One zero of thought

Our truth

Own it

Another classic Spoism, it means to man up, accept the result, learn from it, and push forward.

Popcorn is popping

“When the lights are bright, and the popcorn is popping, our guys come to life.” – Sun Sentinel, 2013



This is one of Spo’s it words. FORGET you, Philly.

LeBron took this Spoism with him to Cleveland.


Put all that in a bowl

Restrictions of the mind

Rotation is the rotation

Sharpen our/their swords

Stay in the moment

There is no tomorrow… until tomorrow. Stay true to the moment and yourself.

Stay the course

“The guys have built up a resiliency and a mental toughness just to stay the course and stay focused.” – LA Times, 2012

Sweat Equity

Theater of the absurd

My personal favorite.

This is the path

Time it’ll need to take

Weather the storm 

Whatever is required

Work the energy

World we live in

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