Move over Tootsie’s, King of Diamonds, and E11even.

Marlins Park is proving to be legitimate competition for Miami’s most popular strip clubs, as evidenced by not only the slew of women doused in body paint at the Clevelander but by what’s happening behind home plate these days.

Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you — those are boobs jiggling behind home plate in an effort to distract that helpless pitcher. Good thing this didn’t happen at a Heat game or Tony Fiorentino would’ve had a heart attack.

Said boobs belong to who else but a friend of Marlins Man because as we’ve told you in the past, Marlins Man gets all the women.

Baes-ball ⚾️

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The man who was sitting next to the jiggling is Andy Slater, a Miami radio host/reporter, who’s lending Marlins Man a friendly hand to help deal with the surplus.

The Marlins lost to the Cardinals 7-5 but we–the viewer at home–were the real winners. Thanks, Marlins Man.

Oh and the Marlins do not approve of the boobage.

Does “addressed it” imply mandating she wear a sweater at all future games? Nonsense. Check out Marlins Park’s dress code at the Clevelander.

Come by the #bestpartyinbaseball and watch our @marlins get the W tonight 🙌⚾️🍺🎶

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