The Miami Heat should draft Lonzo Ball.

No, not at No. 14 — I know he’ll be gone by then — but at the top spot.

No, Miami is not trading up to No. 1. That’s NOT in Pat Riley‘s DNA.

The Heat may not be in this year’s playoffs but they’ll secure a mammoth victory Tuesday evening when they topple the 0.5 percent odds and land the No. 1 overall selection in the treasured 2017 NBA Draft.

While Bill Simmons believes in reverse jinxes, I like to do the opposite and blast out as much positivity as possible, hoping the basketball gods answer my prayers. Let’s push the good vibes out there so that when Alonzo Mourning takes the stage the ping pong balls bounce in his favor.

The Miami Heat should draft Lonzo Ball and his hippo-sized mouth father and bring ’em on down to the Magic City.

Ignore dad’s noise and remember Ball is an elite passer AND shooter.

These are the two most important skills in today’s league based on spacing and chucking. Defense is critical, yes, but a more learnable skill than the aforementioned attributes, especially for a moldable 19-year-old. Especially in a place like Miami, where its been the identity of the franchise for the last 20-plus years.

Who cares that Ball plays the same position as Goran Dragic.

His size, shooting, and playmaking make him a versatile threat. Miami needs more of all three and if you bothered to read the Book of Spoisms, you’d know Erik Spoelstra does not compose his lineups inside traditional boxes but in the realm of positionless basketball.

Besides, nobody seems to remember Dragic went into full fire-breathing dragon mode during his 2013-14 season in Phoenix when he played close to 50 percent of the time off the ball and was an All-NBA Third Team entry. Ball can back up Dragic at first and play alongside him when he’s ready.

Who cares that Lonzo got his ass torched by De’Aaron Fox in the Sweet 16.

What matters at the next level is how a player executes both alongside fellow NBA players and against them — and Ball has the chops to be the next great one. Lastly, his father is a blabbering goof, sure, but his father is not getting drafted. And Riley will neuter Lavar if he proves to be a problem.

So when the Miami Heat rattles the basketball world on Tuesday night, it won’t be a surprise and you’ll already know Lonzo Ball should be the pick.

Heat rises.