Miami just missed out on being considered one of the world’s 10 most “sex positive” cities, coming in 14th in an extensive study by Laveeva.

The final list of the top 100 cities was concocted after surveying over 450,000 participants (aged 18 to 70). While Paris was crowned the sex king with an 86.5 overall rating, Miami didn’t trail too far behind with a 73.4.

We fared especially strong in porn consumption (4th) but rather flaccid in gender equality (65th). Laveeva, an adult entertainment app, also concluded Miami’s favorite porn search term to be “lesbian.”

They landed on an overall score by adding up 10 categories (scored 1 to 10), with the Magic City’s grades broken down below.

  • Sexually active: 8.1 (20th)
  • Sexually experimental: 8.8 (13th)
  • Sexually satisfied: 9 (11th)
  • Sex toy consumption: 5 (51st)
  • Porn consumption: 9.7 (4th)
  • Adult entertainment: 8.6 (15th)
  • Swingers score: 6.1 (14th)
  • Access to contraception: 6 (34th)
  • LGBT friendliness: 8.1 (20th)
  • Gender equality: 4 (65th)

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