The Miami Heat did not win the Gordon Hayward sweepstakes.

In fact, it appears they brought up the rear, representing the superstar’s third option when the dust finally cleared after a chaotic round of fireworks. Some Heat fans, including some of my personal friends, always have to blame someone and, today, that person is Pat Riley.

This is appalling for so many reasons but it starts with one basic fact: these aforementioned fans are being spoiled brats. This group includes Uncle Luke, whose sports analysis continues to be as relevant as his music.

The glory days of franchise history — the era featuring LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade that brought four consecutive NBA Finals appearances and two rings — are still fresh, as the Big Three wasn’t completely dismantled until yesterday when the organization gracefully parted ways with Chris Bosh to maximize their cap space and finally break through the financial shackles that have held them back for the last two seasons.

Thinking of the current situation in more graphic terms, the LeBron Era was sensational sex and while last season’s 30-11 finish was fun, as was the Dwyane Wade-led run the year before, those experiences were more like hugs and kisses in comparison. Well, you horny Heat fans, it’s time for some goddamn patience. Perhaps some COLD showers. If you need to grab the Jergens and queue up some Heat highlights on YouTube circa 2011-2014, hell, nobody will judge you.

The ignorance even covers last season’s Kevin Durant pursuit, which baffles my soul. The fact that Riley even got a meeting with the current Finals MVP — while Bosh’s situation imprisoned a third of the Heat’s cap and Wade did the team no recruiting favors — was a small victory.

Context is always needed.

If Bosh were healthy heading into last summer, there would’ve been a very real chance Durant would’ve signed with Miami. He adores Erik Spoelstra, once owned a home here (across the street from American Airlines Arena), and a lineup featuring Goran Dragic, Durant, Whiteside, and perhaps Wade would’ve unequivocally been a strong contender, one that would’ve given LeBron’s Cavs a much beefier punch than the Celtics did last season.

As for the Hayward strikeout, heading East was always the smart move considering there’s been numerous accounts pointing to winning being his top priority. The path to the Finals continues to be substantially clearer in this conference. It just so happened that the Celtics had more to offer than Miami, including Hayward’s college coach, a wealth of assets, a quality roster coming off a Conference Finals appearance, and a population that even makes the ghostly star look tan.

Whatever the Heat does now, there isn’t an exec I’d rather have behind the wheel than Riley, who will unleash everything at his disposal to rebuild the franchise into a contender. He’s done it many times over… However, patience is required, as is luck. The masses tend to forget that every champion — in any sport — requires a nice dose of the “L” word.

With the Heat’s cap space, current roster, and Riley’s creativity, it’s not unfathomable to see this team contending again in the coming years, perhaps as soon as next season if things break just so.

But if you’re a Miami Heat fan pointing the finger in Riley’s direction today, you’ve exposed yourself as being a spoiled brat, one who’s entirely devoid of utilizing context and rational thought when it comes to sports analysis.