Be seated, Miami fans, because we’re about to inject some Miami Heat heroin into your veins, courtesy of ESPN’s Jorge Sedano.

In a Sportscenter hit from a few days ago–somehow I missed this–the former Miami radio host shared a very interesting hunch: He thinks Pat Riley is targeting a LeBron James reunion next summer that’ll include the rest of his banana boat comrades, in Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul.

“Pat Riley is a go big or go home kind of guy,” Sedano said. “I look at Pat and he’s saying to himself I want to create enough mobility for myself with my roster and some flexibility where I can have some cap space for next year in the big 2018 free agency class and have some tradable commodities to be able to maybe create some space because I think–and this is just my guess–Pat Riley’s trying for a LeBron reunion. He’s trying for the banana boat tour, the banana boat boys, in Miami.”


via SB Nation

LeBron, Paul, Wade, and Melo all have the ability to enter Free Agency at the same time next summer.

Sedano then mentioned Pat’s history of swooping in on disgruntled stars and how LeBron clearly is not happy at the present moment in Cleveland, saying he “wouldn’t rule out a Miami reunion if the dominoes line up properly.”

The good stuff begins around the 1:20 mark.

I love Sedano’s take. I want it to happen. We need it to happen.

However, for it to even become plausible the Heat would have to clear out a TON of cap space, the foursome would have to take discounts, AND that team still probably wouldn’t compete with the Warriors at full strength. Remember, this would be TWO YEARS away. Wade and Anthony are already shells and the decline of both James and Paul is inevitable. But with how barren the East is, they’d still likely glide to the NBA Finals.

I think Sedano is overestimating how easy it’d be to clear all the needed contracts. While Whiteside and Dragic are on very tradable deals, the recently inked contracts of Dion Waiters and James Johnson will only be valuable if they prove their outlier seasons weren’t flukes. Tyler Johnson’s deal also rockets to $19 million after next season.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t seize the opportunity if the banana boat crew made their South Beach intentions clear. It’d turn the NBA upside down and make for one hell of an interesting storyline.