Ryan Tannehill went down with an unspecified injury during today’s practice ONE MINUTE after Omar Kelly tweeted that “we can stop asking about the knee folks.”

Check out these timestamps (the first was deleted…)

Whether you believe in superstition or not, the evidence is blatantly clear: Omar Kelly’s 9:08 a.m. tweet sent an overwhelming cloud of negative jinxing energy onto the team’s practice field in Davie and zapped the poor QB1 directly in the knee, the same one he injured last season.

The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reports “a league source said the Dolphins ‘are hoping for the best but fearing he worst.'”

Omar also proffered a potential replacement:

Oh hell.

Smokin’ Jay Cutler in a Dolphins jersey? The season hasn’t even started yet and the football gods are already tormenting our souls.

There are two QBs the Dolphins should prioritize if Tannehill’s season is threatened and neither has had a picture of their bare tushy shared on Instagram.

First, I’d attempt to convince Tony Romo, who retired after getting released by the Cowboys, to delay his inevitable transition to the booth and instead suit up behind a highly questionable offensive line on a playoff team that’s bound to regress this season due to a more difficult schedule and less fortuitous bounces. Romo gets a ton of flack but he was among the best quarterbacks in football for a good decade and may have some juice left.

If Tony’s a no-go, Colin Kaepernick is the guy.

Stephen Ross is a bold man and one of the wealthiest, most powerful owners in the NFL. I don’t care if there’s some shadiness occurring behind the scenes where owners are blocking Kaep’s return but in the event that Tannehill is out, Ross needs to put winning at the forefront. He always does.

No quarterback on the market outside of Romo gives them a better chance to win than Kaepernick, whose passing has been inconsistent over his six-year career but offers some intriguing possibilities alongside what was an elite running game last year. The fact he’s even unsigned at this point is a joke considering just how putrid some of the quarterback situations are around the league.

According to Cian Fahey’s 2017 Quarterback Catalogue, Kaepernick ranked second in interceptable passes, getting picked off just 2.11 percent of the time. He ranked 14th in accuracy percentage. He also graded out as even more accurate than Tannehill on short passes, though his deep ball doesn’t compare.

“What makes Kaepernick a top-20 level starter is his combination of passing ability and rushing ability,” Fahey writes. “One of the worst hot take examples against him is an argument that is regularly used against quarterbacks who rely on running the ball as part of their success. It’s the idea that he needs a specific type of offense to excel. At statement is true. The problem is that statement is true of every quarterback in the league.”

It’s now about how good Kaepernick is on his own, it’s about how good he can be in Miami’s system under a head coach who appears to have a knack for putting his quarterback in the best possible position to succeed. I’d say having the support of a dominant ground game and what could be a nasty defense makes things easier on the QB, no? Look at how he performed under such conditions in San Francisco a few years ago when he was playing in Super Bowls.

As for the non-football stuff swirling around Kaepernick, ESPN’s Sarah Spain squashes that better than I, or anyone else, ever could.

If Omar’s tweet proves to be the dagger in Tannehill’s season, the 2017 Dolphins aren’t finished just yet. There are some rather interesting options available if the team is willing to think outside the box.

Update at 3 p.m.: Tannehill didn’t tear anything but his status remains in question.