By now you know Ryan Tannehill suffered a significant injury yesterday.

Whether Omar Kelly’s tweet or Adam Smoot’s podcast prognostication is to blame is irrelevant. And whether Tannehill is out for two months for rehab or the full season after potential surgery, everything points to the same next step: The Miami Dolphins need to add a quarterback.

This list, a compilation of potential replacements for our beloved Tannehill, leans more towards juicier names like Romo while veering away from boring stiffs like Shaun Hill or Charlie Whitehurst, though the latter could certainly fill the void created when Josh McRoberts’ luscious scalp was traded over the summer.

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There are two tiers of potential replacements: players who’d essentially be joining the team as predetermined starters and those who’d fit the mold of backup behind Matt Moore.

Considering we’re in August, obviously every name on this list has worts but Adam Gase and the rest of this team probably still think they have a chance to do some damage this season because that’s how these men are wired.


1. Tony Romo

Call him a choker or a gimp but Tony Romo is unequivocally the best quarterback not on an NFL team.

The question is whether the 37-year-old, who tallied nearly a decade of elite quarterback play and is a borderline Hall-of-Famer, would even consider joining a team that, despite making the playoffs a season ago, doesn’t appear to be anywhere near the brink of contention.

Pipe dream.

2. Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick is the most plausible, rational option for Miami at this point, as I outlined in detail already. It’s really not even close, considering the other three QBs in this category are retired and have their reasons for staying away.

He’s a physical specimen in his prime with great short accuracy, elite athleticism, and tons of big-game experience. There’s no question the drop-off from Tannehill to Moore is greater than Tannehill to Kaepernick. A wise mind like Gase can certainly cater his offense to a player of Kaepernick’s talents. I’m not saying he’s better than or equal to Tannehill but he gives them the best chance to win outside of Romo.

As for the non-football stuff, who gives a crap that he has chosen to use his platform as a professional athlete to speak his mind on social issues? I wish more athletes did because, unlike sports, those things truly matter.

You may not agree with the man’s stance and you have every right not to. Whether it’s the national anthem kneeling or wearing a shirt with Castro and Malcom X, for which he explained his overlooked reasoning, he’s not hurting anybody. He’s not endorsing violence. One could argue Mike Pouncey’s “Free Hernandez” hat was far more egregious, considering, you know, he was unquestionably supporting the release of a murderer and all.

Does Stephen Ross have the guts to stand up against what points to a blackball situation created by NFL ownership? I think he does and I hope he shows it.

3. Jay Cutler

Is he in game shape? Doubtful.

Can he chuck a football? Definitely.

Does he have tan lines? Questionable.

"Good times, no tan lines. Let the sea set you free" – @tony2coats

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Cutler doesn’t move the needle any differently than Moore. If the Dolphins are still trying to win, going with him over Kaepernick is senseless.

4. Peyton Manning

Let’s be real here: Peyton Manning and the Miami Dolphins are horrific fits in 2017.

An immobile 41-year-old QB whose arm strength was clearly dragging him down during his final season in Denver behind an offensive line that could be among the worst pass blocking group in football? Peyton probably tears his ACL merely thinking about it.


5. Robert Griffin

The good: He totaled 27 touchdowns as a rookie while adding 800 yards on the ground, appearing to be the next great dual-threat quarterback.

The bad: He’s tallied 27 games in the last four seasons since and he’s the most injury-prone player while playing the most injury-prone position in the most injury-prone sport.

6. Johnny Manziel

How poetic would it be to see Johnny effin’ Football rehabilitate his career in the Magic City? As the youngest player on this list–though his body probably feels closer to 44 than 24 at this point–he has the highest ceiling and a ton of talent.

Another plus: There wouldn’t be much chance for distraction for Johnny in a calm, low-key town like Miami.

7. Tim Tebow

I have no idea how this would work with Tim’s minor league baseball contract but can you imagine the circus that’d ensue? At the end of the day, football, as is the case with movies and TV shows, is an entertainment source. I’m here for Tebow mania.

8. Brandon Doughty

He’s already on the roster, though the likelihood of him making the team before Tannehill went down was slim. He’s here solely to remind you that Big O once said the following words: Brandon Doughty has a higher ceiling than Ryan Tannehill.

I’m not kidding.