Dan Le Batard thinks there is one man to blame for the serious injuries suffered by New England Patriots receivers over the years: Tom Brady.

“Does Tom Brady feel guilt about slowly killing [Julian] Edelman and [Wes] Welker: Yes or no?” he asked during the opening hour of his ESPN Radio show on Monday, absolutely devoid of intense sarcasm.

“We’ll he’s got to know, right? He’s got to know that his passes, the way that Edelman and Welker were built, which is they are the dog that will go get the frisbee no matter where it is thrown, they will go break their body on behalf of getting him four yards and he sleeps in his bed at night knowing all the rules are different for him–nobody hits him that way.”

Le Batard’s rant lasted several minutes while pointing out those little white wideouts are willing to put there head anywhere, “even if in it’s in a wood chipper.”

“I feel like [Brady] should be convicted,” Le Batard said. “I feel like that should be the next investigation. You guys wanted to get carried away with Deflategate and all that nonsense and the real one needs to be the conscious of Tom Brady as he clearly slowly murders Edelman and Welker. It takes many years and it’s hard to prove but if we could just get Giselle on that stand.”

This isn’t the first time Le Batard has taken shots at Boston, describing their fans as “delusional” and their radio hosts as “awful.”

Alright, it’s time to come clean: This entire segment was in a sarcastic tone.

Even so, the odds are strong that Boston fans won’t comprehend Le Batard’s sarcasm or are unable to read the amount of words it takes to get down here. So do us a favor and share this post, and see if we can rile up Patsy Nation.

The audio: