Game of Thrones may be the most talked about show on television these days but there’s another drama quietly producing the greatest moments modern TV has ever seen: Baller Wives.

Featuring the boos of former NFL players Michael Vick, Channing Crowder, Julius Jones, Asante Samuel, and others, along with Brent Grimes and his infamous wife Miko, the VH1 spectacle has to be the early favorite for winning an Emmy for Best Drama next fall.

In all seriousness it blows away The Bachelor from an entertainment perspective.

Episode 3 aired last night and it featured a hilarious back and forth between Crowder and Miko, who used to be employed by 560 WQAM in Miami, where Crowder currently hosts an afternoon show with Marc Hochman. For context of the spat, back in 2015, Miko was arrested on charges of battery of a police officer before a Dolphins game and was dismissed from the radio station shortly thereafter. Charges were later dropped.

In the months that followed she would go on a social media tear, telling one Dolphins reporter — prayers out to Adam Beasley — she was going to fart in his mouth after he eats her ass. Then she ruthlessly criticized quarterback Ryan Tannehill while Brent was still on the team and would eventually share some anti-Semitic thoughts about team management.

Miami snipped their relationship with the Grimes family after cutting Brent in March 2016. Today, he lines up for the Bucs and last night Channing Crowder dropped the HAMMER on Miko while Brent silently observed his loudmouth wife’s burial.

The short version:

“If you were so talented, you’d have a job right now,” Crowder tells Miko. “There’s four radio stations in South Florida. You got fired from one of them. There’s three more.”

The full video was removed due to copyright reasons.

If you watch it on demand, the good stuff is at the very beginning of the Episode 3.

Update (Aug 31): Miko posted an Instagram video featuring a conversation between her and Omar Kelly (LOL):