Giancarlo Stanton just launched another 500-foot dinger.

The man carved from stone with 51 homers to his name and 30 games remaining on the season just pumped out a different type of highlight tape, one of the music video variety involving a near-naked Lexy Panterra grinding on him on a bed.

It appears Lexy, whose claim to fame has been her incredible twerking ability, has some pipes as well and is on her way to launching a successful music career. It also would appear there is a probable chance that Stanton and Panterra are either currently humping or have humped in the past. I mean there’s just too much sexiness with these two for it not to have happened.

Rumor has it there have been many fans at Marlins Park who have left games pregnant from merely glancing in Giancarlo’s direction. You CANNOT tell me — after watching this video — that they haven’t played at least one game of 20 toes. I’d estimate the likelihood at approximately 92 percent.

Ignore TMZ’s report that they’re “just friends.” That may be the case, but they’re — more likely than not — at the very least “just friends who happen to be fornicating.”