First off, before we even begin to look at the Miami Heat’s new jersey, with its first non-apparel advertiser patch, there’s something very icky and uncomfortable about jersey sponsorships in general.

I understand soccer has done it for years but it’s greedy and gross. With that out of the way… while we all knew this day was coming, the Miami Heat’s first jersey sponsorship with Ultimate Software couldn’t be messier from a design standpoint.

If the above image is indeed what the patch is going to look like on our once beautiful and clean Heat jerseys, by gawd, someone in the front office made a big boo-boo. Obviously we have no idea what companies were willing to shell out the millions required in sponsorship money but I’m looking at this purely from a design perspective and willing to bet there were many less-ugly alternatives.

Any advertisement of this scale, which is quite small because it’s a jersey patch, needs to have the simplest of logos for it to be a clean fit. Not long text.

Look at the Nike logo compared to the Ultimate Software logo and you’ll notice the drastic difference aesthetically.

And that’s not to say Ultimate Software doesn’t have a simple, non-text version of their logo. Oh it does. It just looks like a dude who’s pissing INSIDE of a massive urinal.

Better-looking and plausible alternatives include Publix — a no-brainer.


MIA Brewing.

Beats by Dre.

Hell, even Miami-based porn company Reality Kings would’ve looked better.

It’s just sad when the Celtics’ new jerseys, and their clean GE logo, look far better than Miami’s mess with Ultimate Software.