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Andrew Abramson, a columnist for the Huffington Post and a former Miami Dolphins beat writer, joined the ninth episode of the Be the Ball Podcast with Josh Baumgard.

Among the highlights were Andrew talking about his personal horrifying run-ins with Miko Grimes (including the first time she told him to fuck himself), Trump talk, where the Miami Dolphins go from here, and a sweltering Heat take.

“The Miami Heat will beat Boston or Cleveland and go to the East finals,” proclaimed Abramson out of nowhere (he was absolutely not asked to provide a hot take).

As for his several unfortunate run-ins with Mrs. Grimes:

“Look, Miko Grimes is not all there.” Abramson said. “I’ve seen her in person. I’ve had a few run-ins with her. I’ve stared into those eyes. It’s like Bush and Vladimir Putin looking back at you.”


The Donald Trump media hysteria (0:40)

His horrifying run-ins with Miko Grimes (3:45)

Reading a mean Miko tweet targeting Abramson (5:25)

The Dolphins’ pitiful play of late (7:15)

Questioning Adam Gase (10:00)

The futures of Ryan Tannehill and Jay Cutler (13:45)

Dwyane Wade joining Cleveland (16:45)

Rooting for Wade once the Heat get eliminated? (19:00)

Andrew’s hot take (22:45).